100-277 Volts AC - 12-48V DC | 12W LED Emergency Back up Driver

Ironsmith Lighting

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LED Drivers are a type of transformer and electrical device which are used to regulate power to LED's, string lights, sign lights and other electrically powered devices. LED Drivers are available in a wide range of configurations and sizes to help accommodate the todays all types of DIY projects and new fixtures designs. 

This LED Driver has a "100-277 
Volts" Input Voltage which is converted to "12-48Volts. (DC)

Measurements 10.46" Long x 2.18" Width x 2.17" Height.

Our LED Drivers are made with quality parts that are fully potted. Potting helps protect the internal components from being damaged in the event they are exposed to the elements. 

Always make sure to check LED input requirements when setting up a new circuit using an LED Driver.

Always make sure power is off when working with electrical parts and fixtures.  

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