4 Watt 12 Volt T5 Wedge Base Bulb | 10 Pack

Ironsmith Lighting

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Incandescent light bulbs are bulbs with a wire filament which is heated until it glows to produce light. Incandescent light bulbs are fully dimmable and operate from 0.01 Watt to over 100 watts. Incandescent light bulbs are some of the most trusted bulbs in the industry and produce a inviting warm white color. 

This is a "Miniature T5" Incandescent Bulb with a "Glass Wedge" Base.

Operates at "12" Volts AC or DC

Measurements 1.49" Long x 0.63" Width x 0.63" Height.

Lumen Output for incandescent type bulbs

Approximate Lumens Per Bulb Wattage
45 Lm - 7 Watt
70 Lm - 10 Watt
90 Lm - 15 Watt
375 Lm - 25 Watt
600 Lm - 40 Watt

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