Electronic Ballast | For Use with F8T5 or F13T5 Type Bulbs | 120 Volt Input

Ironsmith Lighting

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A lighting ballast is the heart of a fluorescent and high powered light bulb lighting system circuit. Ballast are the component that helps ignite the light bulb it is connected to. The ballast also manages current flow to the bulb to maintain a constant light output for us to use.

This Ballast has a 120 Volt Input Voltage. Only use compatible type bulbs F8T5 or F13T5
 Fluorescent Type Bulbs.
The ballast is also ok to use with LED Retrofit bulbs that require or allow for a ballast to be used to power the bulb.

Measurements 5.50" Long x 1.00" Width x 0.75" Height.

This ballast is dimmable with some dimmers.

Input and output wires leads are color coded. The wiring instruction can be found on the front side of the ballast case. The instructions include wiring diagram. 

Always make sure power is off when working with electrical parts and fixtures.

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