Medium Silicon Filled Twist on Wire Connector

Ironsmith Lighting

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Twist-on wire connectors are a type of electrical connector used to fasten and insulate two or more electrical conductors, Our wire connectors are used in residential, landscape lighting and have also been used in industrial and commercial buildings. These particular twist on wire connectors are insulated with a plastic body and are filled with a thermal dielectric silicon to help keep moisture and other containments from the exposed electrical wires. The wire connector is ready to use and can be installed by facing the open end of the connector towards the exposed electrical wire and twisting clockwise until the connector stop turning. The wire connector should not be loose or move freely, if the wire connector is not tight consider a smaller connector.

This wire connector is rated up to "600 Volts" (1,000 Volts in fixtures and signs)

Wire connector dimensions - 1.00" Length x 0.50" Width x 0.38" Height.

Specifications - Minimum of "1" - #22 Gauge Wire and Maximum of "2" #8 Gauge Wire

Approved for dry and wet location use | Used in residential, industrial and commercial building electrical infrastructure projects

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