MR11 Reflector Type 12 Volt Halogen Light Bulb With Cover Glass | 10 Pack | Medium Flood

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Halogen Light Bulbs are also known as tungsten halogen, quartz halogen and quart iodine type bulbs. Halogen bulbs are similar to Incandescent type bulbs that has a wire filament sealed in a sealed glass envelope filled with a small amount of inert gas. Halogen light bulbs produce a crisper cooler light longer because of there technology and produce a warm white light. Halogen bulbs have a 2000 hour average lamp life.

This is a "MR11 Reflector Type" Halogen Bulb 
with a "G5.3" Base.
This light bulb has a "Flood" light beam spread of 36* degrees. This light bulb comes with a protect glass cover over the face of the bulb.

Operates at "12" Volts

Measurements 1.39" Long x 1.39" Width x 1.39" Height.

Approximate Lumens Per Bulb Wattage 

50-70 Lm - 5 Watt
80-150 Lm - 10 Watt
160-250 Lm - 20 Watt
260 - 400 Lm - 25 Watt
400-550 Lm - 50 Watt
900-1040 Lm - 75 Watt
950-1200 Lm - 80 Watt
1200-1600 Lm - 100 Watt

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